Founded by Chance and Everything that Follows

Once upon a time, there was Liz. She had a decent job, a great family and all the comforts in life. Little did she know that her adventure would take an interesting turn. Foraging every nook and cranny to find someone who could style and decorate her engagement do, she soon realized how hefty it was to source for a fresh flower arrangement deco that fits her style and most importantly, her budget. With hardly any skills to begin with, she set out to try it herself. It wasn’t without difficulty but the flowers have already cast a spell on her. This was the adventure she was looking for and she has never looked back since.

Today, Flora by Liz offers bespoke floral products that are uniquely curated, styled & crafted to your needs. From the simple, affordable arrangements to the more elaborate, we are here for you. Your desires are very dear to us and we want to fulfil them to the best we can. Make your life a flowerful one with Liz! xoxo